Stocking Your Dream Kitchen

October 4, 2017

Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse in Berkeley in 1971 and redefined what it meant to cook and eat well in Northern California and—as her fame grew—the rest of the world. Waters’s secret? The way to cook beautifully was to use the highest-quality ingredients you could find, to let them inspire you, and to make the kitchen a place of sensual delight where anything is possible. The Farmers’ Market at San Francisco’s Ferry Building, a short walk from the luxury condos at 181 Fremont, is one of the most beloved places to find the freshest local ingredients imaginable. It is inside this building, where stores like The GardenerHeath Ceramics, and Sur La Table offer all the ceramics, appliances, and cookware you need to stock your dream kitchen at 181 Fremont, where not only the produce, but the plates and cutting boards—and the shops themselves—will evoke the colors of the earth and the endless bounty of the garden.

Heath Ceramics | 1 Ferry Building, Market Shop 12

Heath Ceramics, whose pottery collection includes a collaboration with Waters, is the perfect place to find dinnerware, cups, and mugs in the colors of the fields and valleys of Northern California. This summer’s featured collection includes a matte-finish line that comes in Fog, Sequoia, Rosemary, Hydrangea, and Peony—subtle shades you can collect in a set or mix and match. Just to step inside this shop is to experience first-hand the way the ceramicists at Heath use the palettes of the skies over San Francisco and the waters of the bay as their inspiration.

Sur La Table | One Ferry Building, Market Shop 37

A chef’s range of exploration starts with her equipment, and Sur La Table is the place to find the most innovative new appliances and home-cookery gadgets amid fabrics and cast-iron pots reminiscent of Waters’s Northern-California-meets-the- French-countryside aesthetic. Here, you can start your collection of Le Creuset cookware with their signature cast-iron Dutch Oven in Cerise. The array of tools and cookware will encourage you to experiment with new ways of cooking and presenting the local produce heaped in colorful piles on the market tables just outside.

The Gardener| One Ferry Building, Market Shop 26

Another Bay Area visionary who sees the kitchen as an extension of the garden is Alta Tingle, owner of The Gardener, a home and garden store stocked with tools and ceramics and accessories as functional as they are beautiful. Of her approach, Tingle has said, “There are three things that people who love the garden absolutely identify with—light, scent, texture. They are what I try to bring together in the store,” and there is no better way to describe the experience of stepping into The Gardener, which is a treat for the senses, thanks to its line of wooden bowls and textured Japanese teapots, and the scent of rose and lavender emanating from the many soaps, oils, and natural cleaning products.

glassybaby | One Ferry Market Building, Market Shop K8

For the finishing touches on the table for your next dinner party at 181 Fremont, pick up a colorful set of glass tea-light candle holders at glassybaby, a store that contributes a portion of all its proceeds to charity. The shelf stacked with these hand-blown glass holders is so colorful it looks like a painter’s palette. Take a selection home, and the colors will glow through the glass and provide a perfect accent for your table setting—and your luxury condo in San Francisco.