181 Fremont and the Floor That Has Everything

September 18, 2017

When you live in San Francisco, you tend to be on the town most of the time: maybe sipping on bubbles or a dry martini at The Battery; perhaps just taking a stroll along the iconic Embarcadero. Now and again, though, everyone craves a day inside. And for anyone living in one of the luxury condos at 181 Fremont in SoMa, starting the day with a full floor of amenities that are 500 feet in the sky, will make that day perfect. What’s more, the entire floor is shared only with 181 Fremont’s original 55 owners.

Morning: workout and breakfast

On Sunday mornings, the amenities can become your mecca of entertainment and fitness options (not to mention, the best views in the city). Start the day by loosening up your muscles in the dedicated yoga room. Next, at the fitness center, do a few miles on the treadmill or pump iron with a personal trainer before treating yourself to breakfast. Sure, you could have it in your designer kitchen, featuring polished Italian Calacatta Carrara marble; but, as it’s a Sunday, we suggest you head to the conservatory. Unwind as the grand piano plays in the background, and if you need anything else, just ask the concierge.

Afternoon: culture and views

You get a grand view from most places at 181 Fremont. But perhaps its greatest asset is the wraparound terrace; from here you can soak up views that take in everything from the Financial District to the Embarcadero and farther out across the Bay. Or you could decide to devote quality time to a great novel; the amenities floor comes equipped with its own library. Sink luxuriously into a chair and allow yourself to be transported into another world. Even the simplest of pastimes is blissful at 181 Fremont.

Evening: guests, drinks, and dinner

Of course, when you own a lovely condo in the heart of SoMa, it’s only natural you’ll want to share it with your friends as evening sets in. When your guests arrive, a valet will park their cars, and they’ll be greeted by 181 Fremont’s elegant lobby, crowned with a 25-foot-high gold leaf dome. Beneath this is a curved banquette designed by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, where they can wait before being ushered up to the bar and lounge. Fix them up with a sophisticated cocktail; then let them drink in the views as you while away the time. Would you like to host dinner in your condo? Use the ceruse-ebonized oak sliding panels to wall off the kitchen; then have a local caterer lay out a spread.

As for the other rooms, dim the lights and open the window coverings to reveal the stunning sight of SoMa as the sun sets. Your guests are sure to be wowed. You can even control each room individually–meaning that if you want to curate a cozy cards and brandy atmosphere in one part of the residence and create a bright space for indulging in music and shooting the breeze elsewhere, your every whim can be satisfied.

One caveat for all this: you may never want to leave 181 Fremont again.