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The Art Program at 181 Fremont

181 Fremont’s art program is among the most innovative and comprehensive ever to exist in a private residential building. In addition to a permanent collection, there are over 200 paintings, sculptures and mixed material works displayed throughout the building, 181 Fremont also hosts world-class exhibitions within residences, including Gallery 181, located in a half-floor penthouse 700 feet in the sky.

The Collection

Curated to perfection

181 Fremont’s permanent collection rivals some of the nation’s foremost galleries. From the lobby’s bronze sculpture by Eva Rothschild to the private Residents’ Lounge’s more than three dozen pieces of art, 181 Fremont’s unprecedented array of contemporary creations adds a new facet to the San Francisco art scene and takes the concept of residential artwork to stunning new heights.

The highest art gallery in the world

The Gallery 181 art program is the highest art gallery in the world. This on-site exhibition space is in a half-floor penthouse 700 feet high and is the crowning glory of 181 Fremont’s acclaimed art program. This space was created to host ongoing pop-up exhibitions and events celebrating art, the performing arts and more. Partners have included renowned galleries Sprueth Magers, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Blum & Poe, Lehmann Maupin and Nara Roeseler.

Recent exhibitions have included artworks by Jenny Holzer, Cao Fei, Keltie Ferris, Angel Otero, Eddie Martinez, POPE.L, Jessica Stockholder, McArthur Binion, and Teresita Fernandez.

Gallery 181

Current Exhibition

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"My Eternal Failure" by Sharon Stone

The gallery show features paintings by Stone, and is the first time her artworks are exhibited in San Francisco. Her art is praised by collectors and art world luminaries, including Jerry Saltz (Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism). Stone’s celebrated slide-shows of her paintings are taking Instagram by storm.

The collection is available for sales and to view by private appointment by contacting:
Carmen Legarda at Carmen@181Fremont.com.

Pricing is available upon request.

Location: Gallery 181 at 181 Fremont
Dates: April 11th, 2024 – August 31, 2024

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Past Exhibitions

  • Timothy White
  • Nara Roesler
  • KACE. Jardin De Nuit
  • Sprüth Magers
  • Mitchell–Innes & Nash
  • Lehmann Maupin
  • Blum & Poe
  • Albertz Benda

“Art is so important—it helps you reflect, it’s uplifting and thought-provoking. Great architecture, design and art were always going to be a focal point of this development.”

—Matt Lituchy, CIO, Jay Paul Company

Sharon Stone returns to San Francisco, the city where she nearly died, with new art show

More than 20 years later, Sharon Stone still remembers the moment she died.

In the 181 Fremont gallery atop San Francisco’s South of Market luxury residential building, the Academy Award-nominated actor sits near her painting “The Bridge,” a new work in her show “Sharon Stone: My Eternal Failure.” A dark blue stripe at the top of the canvas is interrupted by brushstrokes that reveal white space underneath, the marks resembling vital signs on a patient monitor or tombstones. At the bottom, stripes of deep red, gray and periwinkle blue are stacked atop one another; at the white center of the painting, a figure emerges, surrounded by licks of yellow. 

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In the News

181 Fremont’s commitment to art includes support for artists in the global community through Gray Area and SFMOMA as well as the support of music and dance programs in San Francisco.