The Making Of 181 Fremont: One of the World’s Most Resilient Buildings

June 17, 2022

This new video reveals the extraordinary story of how the world’s foremost architects and engineers came together to craft one of the most resilient buildings in the world. See the vision and ingenious engineering that went into building this modern San Francisco landmark, which has received more commendations for its safety, design and seismic resilience than any other building in the US.

Of all the awards and recognition 181 Fremont has received, perhaps most significant is its distinction as the first building in the world to earn a REDi Gold Rating, a new beyond code benchmark for seismic construction.

“Resiliency to the industry means that the building will be resilient enough to function after an earthquake event,” explains Chris Wilcox, of Level 10 Construction, the general contractor of 181 Fremont. “And when you go to Gold standard resiliency, you’re taking it one step further and saying not only will it not topple down, but you’ll be able to occupy it quickly after.” Press play to see just how the team achieved this unprecedented level of resiliency by thinking outside the box, literally.




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