SF Chronicle Datebook: Sharon Stone Faces Fears with Paint

May 7, 2024

In her latest art show, “My Eternal Failure,” Sharon Stone returns to San Francisco, where she nearly lost her life in 2001, to explore a difficult chapter in her journey. The exhibition, held at 181 Fremont’s South of Market luxury residential building, features deeply personal and expressive paintings that embody Stone’s spirit and resilience.

One of the standout pieces, The Bridge, serves as a visual representation of her near-death experience. In this painting, a dark blue stripe is disrupted by strokes revealing white spaces underneath, reminiscent of tombstones or vital signs on a monitor. At the bottom, layers of rich reds, grays, and blues create a foundation that supports a central figure, surrounded by vibrant yellow strokes that represent spiritual guides.

Reflecting on her life after a subarachnoid hemorrhage, Stone’s autobiographical pieces capture her emotional recovery and the sense of personal rebirth that emerged during her time in San Francisco. Other works in the exhibit, like The Party and Hoisted on My Own Petard, reveal a blend of abstract expressionism and impressionism, showcasing Stone’s evolving artistic style and confidence.

The exhibition’s poignant title references the challenging moments she endured in the city, yet also marks a triumphant return to the Bay Area for the acclaimed actor-turned-artist. As the culmination of Stone’s journey through loss, rebirth, and creative exploration, “My Eternal Failure” is a testament to her artistic resilience and the importance of finding joy amidst adversity.

“My Eternal Failure” will be on display at the 181 Fremont gallery through August 31st. Interested visitors can book a private appointment by contacting Carmen Legarda at carmen@181fremont.com. The exhibition is free to the public.