METROPOLIS: San Francisco’s 181 Fremont Combines Stability and Sustainability

September 24, 2019

The city’s sleek new high-rise pulls off technical feats while offering of-the-moment residential interiors.

As the third-tallest building in San Francisco, 181 Fremont would undoubtedly stand out on the city’s skyline regardless of its facade. But the new 800-foot-tall mixed-use tower has an exposed structure of diagonal beams that sets it apart from its neighbors, most of which are sedately clad in seamless glass. Indeed, the distinctive structure is designed to provide the utmost in earthquake stability as well as energy efficiency. Today, even the ne plus ultra of high-rise living—the building’s 55 condominiums range from a $2.9 million, two-bedroom unit to the $46 million penthouse—must grapple with long-term sustainability.

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