‘ICONS’ by Timothy White Featured in Art & Museum

October 20, 2023

We are delighted to announce the debut of ‘ICONS,’ an exclusive exhibition by renowned celebrity photographer Timothy White, at Gallery 181 located within the 181 Fremont Residences. This exceptional presentation, spanning works from 1986 to 2023, features an array of pop culture legends, from Audrey Hepburn and Robin Williams to Al Pacino and Whitney Houston, among many others.

Gallery 181, situated in a half-floor penthouse 700 feet above the ground in San Francisco’s premier LEED Platinum-certified mixed-use building, epitomizes our commitment to celebrating the arts. This unique space hosts a variety of pop-up exhibitions and events, with ‘ICONS’ being the latest in our series, available for viewing from October 6th, 2023, to January 31st, 2024.

Timothy White stands out as one of the most significant contemporary photographers, capturing the essence of celebrity culture for over three decades. His work goes beyond simple portraits, weaving entire narratives into single images and offering viewers intimate glimpses into the lives of their favorite stars. White’s impressive portfolio includes iconic covers for major publications and Hollywood studios, earning him a multitude of accolades and solidifying his status in the realm of photography.

The launch of ‘ICONS’ reflects the Jay Paul Company’s dedication to integrating art into the living experience at 181 Fremont. Our extensive art program, unprecedented in its scope for a private residential building, includes a permanent collection of over 200 artworks and world-class exhibitions both within the residences and at Gallery 181. The gallery not only serves as a space for residents and their guests but also actively engages with the public, showcasing artwork available for purchase and viewing by appointment.

181 Fremont’s pioneering approach extends beyond art, as it stands as San Francisco’s first LEED Platinum-certified mixed-use building. Innovations such as an advanced water recycling system and a unique glass curtain wall system highlight our commitment to sustainability, a vision brought to life with the help of the San Francisco-based firm Urban Fabrick. Through these efforts, 181 Fremont sets a new standard for luxurious, sustainable living.

For those interested in experiencing ‘ICONS’ and the artistic wonder of Gallery 181, viewings are exclusively by appointment. Please reach out to Wendy Posner, Posner Fine Art at 323.933.3664 or Info@posnerfineart.com for more details.