Haute Living Spotlights ‘Racing on the Spectrum’ Fundraising Campaign by 181 Fremont

July 26, 2023

Haute Living recently spotlighted 181 Fremont’s fundraising campaign for Citizen Film’s newest documentary, ‘Racing on the Spectrum’. On Tuesday, May 23, the team at 181 Fremont proudly hosted a high-profile event to honor the creators of this compelling film, which gives an insight into the lives of three young professional race car drivers with autism as they overcome personal and professional challenges.

The prestigious event, as documented by Haute Living, featured exclusive previews of the documentary, creating a unique occasion for nearly 100 guests to gain early insight into this noteworthy film. Those in attendance had the extraordinary opportunity to meet NASCAR driver Armani Williams, one of the inspiring individuals whose journey is depicted in the documentary.

The event at 181 Fremont was a significant part of the broader campaign to raise $850,000, crucial for bringing the powerful story of ‘Racing on the Spectrum’ to a wider audience. This initiative, backed by the Haute Living feature, is a testament to 181 Fremont’s commitment to supporting and participating in valuable societal causes.

The spotlight in Haute Living for the ‘Racing on the Spectrum’ event underscores 181 Fremont’s active role in the San Francisco community, and its dedication to using its platform to uplift important stories and causes.

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