FORBES: “6 Of The Healthiest Buildings In The World”

May 17, 2017

Benchmarks like LEED certification indicate how eco-conscious a particular building is, but there are some extraordinary developments that go above and beyond the minimum requirements for healthy living spaces and workplaces. Jay Paul Company’s new project, 181 Fremont, is, at 800 feet, the tallest mixed-use building on the West Coast. The luxury tower’s water recycling program captures and treats graywater and rainwater for reuse. It’s also well-protected from natural disasters: thanks to 260 feet of bedrock, 181 Fremont is prepared to withstand a 475-year seismic event. An Electronically Activated Streamer Emission on the roof diffuses bolts of lightning, and the building even has emergency evacuation elevators. Designed by Heller Manus Architects, 181 Fremont is also the first San Francisco building to be precertified as LEED Platinum.

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