BOSS HUNTING: 181 Fremont Is What US $46 Million In San Francisco Looks Like

October 7, 2020

While city dwellers may roll their eyes at the sight of yet another skyscraper, standing from the inside looking out is an entirely different experience which often wins the most jaded operators over. Think about it – just a few hundred years ago, residing in a cloud-piercing tower meant you’d be worshipped as a deity. In the modern age, while worship might be a little out of the question, there is admittedly something potent about a decadently luxurious sky pad (decadently luxurious anything, really). Such is the case with 181 Fremont in San Francisco.

With an elevation of almost 250 metres above ground, this penthouse is just a touch under 7,000 square feet with uninterrupted views directly overlooking the:

Which is only enhanced by the glass-panelled floor-to-ceiling walls. Featuring 4 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and all the niceties that only US$46 million in San Francisco can afford, it’s like I said before: while you won’t exactly be worshipped as a god, you’ll feel pretty close to being one up here.

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