181 Fremont’s Resilient Design Highlighted for World Green Building Week

September 16, 2021

In a recent article, Urban Land magazine, published by the Urban Land Institute, featured 181 Fremont as its most notable building for “Earthquake Resilience” and one of “five outstanding buildings to turn to for inspiration” when it comes to overall resilient design. 

The article, titled “Urban Land World Green Building Week: Resilient Buildings Are Key to a Green Future,” marked the start of World Green Building Week, which began on September 20, 2021, and is the largest annual campaign to accelerate development of sustainable buildings. 

Urban Land touts 181 Fremont’s innovative design, which was created by developer and owner Jay Paul Company alongside Heller Manus Architects and Arup: “Anchored to bedrock 260 feet underground, the deepest of any tower in the city, 181 Fremont also features a flexible, high-strength steel exoskeleton and viscous dampers (similar to vehicle shock absorbers) in the steel mega-braces.” In addition to providing residents more peace of mind, the publication notes that 181 Fremont’s “earthquake-resilient features” also “helped secure major office tenants like Facebook and could lead to lower insurance premiums.”

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