181 Fremont’s Innovative Art Program Featured in LX Collection

January 14, 2022

LX Collection has featured 181 Fremont’s innovative art program and special consultancy services in a new article, titled “How In-House Art Programs Inspire Tailored, Bespoke Home Collections.”  

In addition to touting 181 Fremont’s groundbreaking fusion of art and real estate, the article describes Gallery 181’s “regular exhibitions from some of the country’s most acclaimed galleries,” including Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Blum & Poe, Lehmann Maupin and Albertz Benda.

“We envision this gallery as a platform to host pop-up exhibitions by prestigious galleries to present their program to a new audience here in San Francisco, potentially cultivating new collectors, and really make a contribution to the cultural dialogue here,” Holly Baxter, director of 181 Fremont’s art program and owner of art advisory firm, Holly Baxter & Associates, told the publication. 

181 Fremont’s infusion of art into the everyday life of its residents is part of a larger, strengthening real estate trend. Developers around the world are now seeking to “create art as a lived experience, an amenity that not only draws potential home buyers but inspires an art-forward culture that can’t be found anywhere else.” 

Unique amenities like in-house galleries serve to “connect residents to the local and international art scene,” while immersive in-residence exhibitions—like 181 Fremont’s recent PODIUM I and PODIUM II installations—can inspire residents to build upon their personal collections. “Clients are thrilled and really appreciate seeing the work in a furnished home. It gives them a different perspective,” said Baxter, who provides art consultancy services to 181 Fremont residents upon request. 

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