181 Fremont Hosts Sharon Stone’s Riveting Art Exhibition “My Eternal Failure”

April 7, 2024

San Francisco’s 181 Fremont is proud to announce the opening of Sharon Stone’s latest art exhibition, “My Eternal Failure,” on display at Gallery 181 from April 11 to August 31. This exhibition, chosen for its powerful reflection on the life lessons and challenges Stone faced during her time in San Francisco, marks Stone’s first solo art show in the city and her fourth in 12 months following acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, Greenwich, and Berlin.

Matt Lituchy, Chief Investment Officer at Jay Paul Company, expressed enthusiasm for bringing Stone’s art to San Francisco, noting her significant impact on the city’s cultural landscape. The exhibition is not only a celebration of Stone’s artistic journey but also a testament to 181 Fremont’s dedication to intertwining art with community engagement.

Gallery 181, residing 700 feet above San Francisco, offers unparalleled views of the city’s skyline, making it the “highest art gallery in the world.” This unique setting provides a dramatic backdrop for Stone’s works, which include pieces inspired by her profound experiences in the city, her near-death experience in 2001, and her newfound relationship with color and creativity.

Stone’s exhibition delves into themes of healing, self-forgiveness, and the power of confronting one’s vulnerabilities. Through her art, she invites viewers to explore their own journeys of growth and resilience. The show features a range of works, from acrylic paintings like “The Bridge” and “Jester,” to in-situ pieces that engage directly with the gallery’s space and views.

Renowned art critic Jerry Saltz praised Stone’s ability to channel her life experiences into her art, describing her work as an expression of living a life through art. Martin Oskar Kramer highlighted the expressive quality of Stone’s paintings, emphasizing their reflection of natural forces and transformation.

In addition to showcasing Stone’s art, Gallery 181 continues to offer an innovative art program, hosting a permanent collection and world-class exhibitions. This initiative underscores 181 Fremont’s commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural hub within San Francisco.

For those interested in viewing “My Eternal Failure” and experiencing the exceptional art program at 181 Fremont, private appointments can be arranged by contacting Carmen Legarda at Carmen@181Fremont.com.

181 Fremont and Jay Paul Company remain at the forefront of blending architectural innovation with cultural enrichment, demonstrating the impactful synergy between real estate development and the arts.