No Stone Left Unturned: The Deep Origin of How the Italian Calacatta Carrara Marble made its way to 181 Fremont

February 7, 2019

From residents’ first steps into the lobby, marble provides a visual cue signaling timelessness and the finest that life has to offer. From the coast of Italy to the skyline of San Francisco, each piece of polished Italian Calacatta Marble at 181 Fremont was hand-selected for its peerless beauty.

San Francisco-based designer Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, founder of ODADA, is one of the world’s most respected and prolific designers and a master of the home interior. His elegantly-composed interiors combine a modernist approach of architecturally clean lines and urbane sensibility, with flashes of bold color or a statement piece to balance a curated look. The esteemed designer’s vision for 181 Fremont was to exemplify an unparalleled living experience.

After spending months in Italy, Diaz-Azcuy and his associates sourced the finest stone in the world to set the tone for the intricate design elements to follow at 181 Fremont. Taken directly from the seaside quarry cliffs, each massive block of marble was unearthed and fed into a giant cutting machine to create working slabs. These full slabs were cut against the grain to embrace the natural veining, providing depth and texture, and thus, telling a beautiful origin story that befits the stone’s rich Italian heritage.

Honed and polished to perfection, an intricate crosscut satin marble finish was chosen to reflect an old-world style of luxury to fit the vision of Diaz-Azcuy.

“I found inspiration in timeless materials, natural luxury, and the history of San Francisco,” Diaz-Azcuy explained to Forbes. “The care and quality that went into even the smallest details of this building make the greatest impact – it is the ultimate expression of luxury.”

Inside and out, every detail at 181 Fremont was meticulously designed and considered. The desire was to use classical materials to create a sense of natural comfort with the surroundings, accentuated with touches of the extraordinary.

“Design is a process one performs first in solitude, then brings to reality for all the world to see.” – Orlando Diaz-Azcuy.

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