181 Fremont Luxury San Francisco Condos for Sale in SoMa


Gallery 181

A pop-up art exhibition 700' in the sky

Blum & Poe Presentation
Beginning January 14, 2020
Penthouse 69B

Available for private viewings by appointment only

(415) 282.0888

In this exhibition at 181 Fremont, Blum & Poe focuses on the work of post-war Japanese Mono-ha artists and the New Wave generation that followed, as well as the Korean Minimalist painters of Dansaekhwa, to consider their connected impulses and sensibilities, examine their aesthetic and contextual similarities and differences. Gallery 181 is a temporary gallery curated by Holly Baxter in collaboration with respected international galleries to introduce their programs and artists to San Francisco audiences.

Select Works from Gallery 181

Ha Chong-hyun
Conjunction 17-23, 2017
Yukie Ishikawa
WSB2, 1993
Kazumi Nakamura

Featured Artists Include:

Kōji Enokura

Susumu Koshimizu

Kishio Suga

Kazumi Nakamura

Yukie Ishikawa

Ha Chong-hyun

Kwon Young-woo