A Fine Art Collection Like No Other at 181 Fremont

June 6, 2019

Get to Know Renowned Art Advisor Holly Baxter

181 Fremont is highly regarded for its display of some of the most illustrious contemporary art pieces you’ll find in any residential building in San Francisco. To earn such a stellar reputation, one of the most sought-after art curators in the country, Holly Baxter, has been commissioned to procure the collection 181 Fremont.


Holly Baxter & Associates LLC is a curatorial and advisory firm that aims to bridge relationships between institutions and artists. Holly has facilitated numerous individuals, corporate and institutional collections throughout her near 20-year career.


We sat down with Holly to learn more about her expertise and the impact that art can make on the refinement of a home.


How would you describe the art collection that you’ve curated for 181 Fremont?

My intention in curating the extraordinary contemporary collection at 181 Fremont is to acquire works that enhance the building’s stunning architecture and aesthetic. Thoughtfully-selected, sophisticated works from across the globe that are intellectually and conceptually bold as well as technically accomplished to mirror the resplendent interiors that define 181 Fremont, and to further contribute to residents’ unparalleled fine living experience.

How do you go about selecting artwork?

The first step is to use aesthetics and the prospective 181 homeowners as a starting point and responding to the architecture and interior design’s refined elegance and sophistication. The next step is to select contemporary art that follows those intellectually and conceptually bold guidelines and then, lastly, to choose works by renowned international artists who are actively practicing and whose works are in permanent collections of major museums and important private collections. The artworks are all selected in collaboration with the interior designers and the Jay Paul Company team.


If you had to pick a favorite piece now on display at 181 Fremont, what would it be?

I love all of them. One in particular that I was thrilled to find is Shahzia Sikander’s The Six Singing Spheres #6, in the lobby. It resonates perfectly with the lobby’s gold dome, the shape and form of the room, and the poetic nature of its design by ODADA.

Shahzia Sikander, “The Six Singing Spheres #6”


What role does fine art play in home décor?

Art breathes life into a home and makes it human. Art is the aesthetic and spiritual soul of the home.  It should inspire and resonate with the home and with the heart and mind of the homeowner.  


What would you say are the most unique aspects of the art community in San Francisco? Any up-and-coming artists we should know about?

One of the most unique aspects of the San Francisco art scene is the Minnesota Street Project. It was founded and run by art collectors and philanthropists Deborah and Andy Rappaport and it uses their for-profit art storage facility to subsidize economically sustainable spaces for art galleries, artists and related nonprofits. The Rappaports want to ensure that the rising rents in San Francisco do not drive out the galleries, artists and non-profits from the city. As was noted recently in the Observer, “they have almost single-handedly created a sustainable environment where an arts community can thrive”. MSP has been a huge success and has attracted top San Francisco galleries as well as international galleries and exhibitions to their art building in the Dogpatch neighborhood. The New York Times described it as the most exciting new art district in America. 

As for up-and-coming artists, I very much like the work of Erica Deeman, who shows with Anthony Meier gallery. I am also a fan of Bay Area artists Liam Everett and Trevor Paglen, both represented by the Altman Siegel gallery. We have a Trevor Paglen photograph at 181 Fremont now, and it’s stunning. 


If you’re interested in requesting Holly Baxter’s services, you can reach her at, on her website at, or on her Instagram @hollylbaxter.

We will be hosting a special pop-up art exhibit this summer, so stay tuned for details! For more on 181 Fremont, brand-new luxury condominiums in SoMa, San Francisco, please contact our sales team.



Angel Otero, “Prelude to a Kiss”




Candida Höfer, Edificio Basurto Ciudad de México




Eva Rothschild, “Bright Eyes”




Joel Shapiro, “Untitled”




Tara Donavan, “Composition (Cards)”




Trevor Paglen, “UFO-F4 in Geosynchronous Orbit”