Sharon Stone Shows Her Vulnerability in New Collection of Paintings

181 Fremont proudly hosted an exclusive reception on April 10th to celebrate the art of acclaimed actress Sharon Stone. The event featured the unveiling of her latest collection, “My Eternal Failure,” which includes 18 never-before-seen paintings inspired by Stone’s life experiences and her time in San Francisco. Guests enjoyed a candid conversation between Stone and 181 Fremont’s Chief Investment Officer, Matt Lituchy, which delved into the themes of vulnerability and resilience that permeate her works.

Though globally recognized for her roles in film, Sharon Stone’s artistic talents extend beyond the camera. Painting has been a significant part of her life since childhood, a passion first ignited under the guidance of her artist aunt. Stone’s commitment to her craft came full circle when she earned her degree in art and art history in her late 50s, reaffirming her dedication to the arts. The COVID lockdown period marked a pivotal moment for Stone, as she began to pursue painting more seriously, transferring her creative energies from acting to artistry.

The “My Eternal Failure” collection is an exploration of confronting personal vulnerabilities, showcasing Stone’s deep and introspective approach to her art. This exclusive exhibition at Gallery 181 not only highlights her impressive artistic skills but also her connection to the city of San Francisco, which has played a significant role in her artistic and personal growth.

The exhibition is available for viewing by private appointment through August 31st. For those interested in experiencing the depth and beauty of Sharon Stone’s art firsthand, please contact Carmen Legarda at to schedule a visit. This event is a testament to 181 Fremont’s commitment to celebrating profound artistic expressions and enriching the cultural landscape of San Francisco.