Valentine’s Day Activities Near 181 Fremont

181 Fremont is a luxury living and office complex located in the heart of the SoMa district – the perfect place to be this Valentine’s Day. With that, here’s a list of 10 great things to do in the local area.

San Francisco Ballet (Feb 11-Apr 24) 

2.2 mi from 181 Fremont

Founded in 1933, The San Francisco Ballet is the pinnacle of dance in San Francisco, and one of the best companies in the world. Their February “Dance Innovations” program includes three mixed repertory bills featuring a range of visual and emotional performances sure to enchant this Valentine’s Day.

Anderson & Roe (Feb 15) 

0.6 mi from 181 Fremont

The Emmy-nominated duo of Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe deliver their own take on the beloved “Shepherd’s Song” from the almighty Beethoven. It’s a true musical spectacle for all audiences.

ODC’s Dance Unplugged (Feb 14) 

2.4 mi from 181 Fremont

The ODC Unplugged series provides audiences with a glimpse of the artistic process behind their shows. Witness the ODC’s directors and choreographers explore narrative themes and movements that you can’t experience anywhere else.

Sushi Hashiri, Mint Plaza 

1.2 mi from 181 Fremont

Sushi Hashiri is a Michelin Star Japanese restaurant known for its exquisite monthly tasting menu – the perfect Valentine’s dining experience.  Their menu draws inspiration from the foods of Kyoto and Tokyo providing you with a modern take on classic sushi dishes.

USF’s “Emboldened, Embodied” Exhibition (Nov 21-Feb 16) 

3.8 mi from 181 Fremont

Organized by USF’s Museum Studies Curatorial Practicum class, “Embodied, Emboldened” is a survey exhibition like no other. A true celebration of culture, it gives a platform of expression to individuals who are otherwise excluded from great societal narratives.

“The Future is Fluid” Exhibition (Dec 17-Feb 29) 

15.7 mi from 181 Fremont

Photographer Chloe Aftel’s art exhibition explores the fluidity of gender through a series of genderqueer portraits. It aims to provide a platform for the non-binary community whilst offering a safe space where visitors can reflect on their own gender identity.

Conspiracy of Venus Concert (Feb 14) 

2.1 mi from 181 Fremont

Consisting of a 25-woman vocal ensemble, Conspiracy of Venus presents its Valentine’s Day special. They perform their own renditions of hits from all-time greats including, David Bowie, Bjork, The Beatles and more – an eclectic celebration of music.

Benu, Hawthorne Street 

0.6 mi from 181 Fremont

Awarded 3 Michelin stars, Benu is a fine dining experience that focuses on Korean and Cantonese cuisine with a Californian twist. The perfect spot for someone looking to impress on Valentine’s day.

Born in East Berlin at SF Playhouse (Feb 6-Feb 29) 

1.2 mi from 181 Fremont

Directed by Margarett Perry in 1988, Born in East Berlin shows the infamous Bruce Springsteen concert that attracted 300,000 people amidst a great historical shift. The film highlights the juxtaposition between freedom and an oppressive government through the art of Rock’N’Roll.

Saison, Townsend Street 

1.0 mi from 181 Fremont

Originating from a pop-up restaurant in a parking lot, Saison is now a 3-Michelin Star fine dining experience. Its menu focuses around the theme of fire with all dishes being either smoked, charred, grilled or roasted to perfection. From the finest selection of meats to caviar, there’s a dish on the menu for everyone.